South Platte RiverFest coming up!

The 3rd annual South Platte RiverFest is gearing up for June 27-28! We’re very excited about this, as we don’t think near enough people know what a treasure the South Platte is for boating right here in our city.  We have of course been hosting the Platte River Adventure every year (as water allows) so that we can get out and explore the South Platte from Littleton to Confluence Park.  This year we’re excited to be able to team up with the Greenway Foundation to let even more people know!

On Saturday, June 27 we’ll have a booth at the RiverFest signing people up to join us (it’s free!).

Then the next day, Sunday, June 28 we’ll gather on the river in Littleton and float all the way to downtown Denver to join the RiverFest!

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